Hi, my name is Jonas Welin,

I grew up in Västerås, Sweden but in the last 7 years I been living in Gothenburg where I been studying design at HDK. I’m interested in working in a variety of technics and mediums as you can see in my portfolio, you’ll find illustration, patterns and sculptures.

I usually take inspiration from movies, video games and pop culture, but I usually just end up with a bunch of screaming characters in bright nice colours.

Schools that I gone to;

First I went to Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola, a fantastic place for anyone who wants to draw, sculpt and meet silly people. After that I started Dômen art school in Gothenburg were I studied sculpture & art stuff for 3 years. I stayed around in Gothenburg and in 2014 I started studying at HDK in their design department.

Thanks for reading this page about me & looking through my portfolio! Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!