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Screaming Batman

A fat & lovely super hero illustration (2016)

Animals on the phone

Illustration series with phones, pipes & animals (2016)

Sign Sculpture

Greeting sign for Backa Theater (2016)


Vegetarian Cook book (2015)

Red disappointed dog

Dog in a puddle illustration

Glorious Centaur Illustration

Fantasy fan art (2016)

Yolo – Eat everything nice

Fatty Illustration (2016)

cat illustration

Ball of Yarn

Cat Illustration (2014)

Paint the world with poop

Crazy Bird Poop Pattern (2015)

Teeth Pattern

Dental Pattern (2014)

Survival of the fittest

Big Messy Sculpture (2013)

Sculpture Heads

Random Screaming Sculptures (2013-2015)

This is mine now

Cute Bird Pattern (2015)